Dubai Has a FREE Science Factory With Earthquake & Tornado Machines!

Earthquake machines, tornado simulators and skyscraper optical illusions… this is WAFI’s Science Factory! Running until mid-April, this first-of-its-kind exhibition in Dubai is brought to you by World Touring Exhibitions and features over 40 interactive science machines for all ages. From educational activities to hands-on experiences, here’s how you can learn and have fun at the same time…

Science made fun!

This FREE exhibition lets you explore an array of science machines, covering everything from a laser-sensored drum kit to a harp with no strings. Whether you’re interested in human anatomy, the way natural disasters work, or the secret behind optical illusions, head down to WAFI for a fresh take on science. But, that’s not all… You even have the chance to graduate from the University of Wafi and become a WAFI Scientist!

Here’s how WAFI’s Science Factory works:

  • Visit WAFI and pick up a map from the registration desk at the main entrance.
  • Register your details on the iPad at the main desk.
  • Visit all six Science Factory locations around WAFI and collect a stamp at each one.
  • Once you have collected all six stamps, head back to the registration desk at the main entrance and submit your map. You will then be rewarded with a certificate for graduating from the University of Wafi.
  • There’s even a photo opportunity where you can wear a graduation hat and white lab coat, and share the picture with your loved ones.

Meet Albert – the Mad Scientist

If you head down to WAFI during the weekend, you’ll get to meet Albert – the resident Mad Scientist. You’ll find him there every Friday and Saturday (from 4pm to 8pm) transforming science into fun. Be sure to bring your appetite as Wafi Restaurants will also be around serving up tasty treats. We’re talking nitrogen ice cream, dragon breath popcorn and vacuum packed fruits!

Need-to-know info:

When: WAFI’s Science Factory is on until 13 April 2019
Where: WAFI
Timings: Daily, during mall operating hours
Price: It’s FREE for all!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out WAFI’s social media channels for the chance to win prizes! For more info about WAFI’s Science Factory, visit the WAFI website.

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