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Shop, Dine, Chill, Repeat… The Waterfront Market Has it ALL!

Located in the heart of Deira, the Waterfront Market is the region’s largest fresh food market under one roof. Fish & seafood, fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry, dry goods & spices… you name it, you’re guaranteed to find it here.

But what a lot of people don’t know is you’ll find a lot more than just grocery goodies. Whether you’re looking to shop, dine, play or enjoy chilled-out vibes along the promenade, here are seven reasons why you should visit the Waterfront Market… today!

1. Fresh food at a bargain

…coz’ who doesn’t love a bargain?! The Waterfront Market offers some unbeatable prices that you won’t find anywhere else in the region. The best part? You’re even able to bargain the prices down with the vendors (time to brush up on those haggling skills!)

2. There’s SO much to choose from

The Waterfront Market boasts more than 500 fresh, dried and live fish retailers with over 350 species of fresh fish from different countries. To top that off, the fruit and vegetable market features 150 vendors and the meat market offers an array of meat types and cuts across 75 shops and stalls.

3. Foodie fun along the promenade

Winter is here which means more time spent in the great outdoors! The Waterfront Market offers a scenic outdoor space, stretched along the promenade that overlooks the Deira Corniche waterway. Enjoy some street food treats with a view, or alternatively, you can actually purchase your favourite seafood from the market and have it grilled or barbecued on the spot by one of the restaurants. You can’t get any fresher than that!

4. Experience a blast from the past

For many Dubai residents, they’ll instantly recognise the Waterfront Market as a new and improved version of the previous Deira Fish Market. The Deira Fish Market was serving fresh fish and seafood since 1958, and the iconic status continues with the all-new modern Waterfront Market facility.

5. Value for money around every corner

This is your chance to stock up on all your favorite fresh foods and ingredients… without breaking the bank! Because most products and produce on display are purchased at the source, food lovers (and culinary artists!) can whip up their favorite gourmet meals for highly agreeable prices. Planning a festive dinner party for friends and family? The Waterfront Market is your one stop shop!

6. Kid-friendly activities and family fun

Planning a fun-filled family day out? You’ll find plenty of activities and attractions here to keep the whole family entertained. We’re talking a climb and slide, a soft play area, horseback riding along the promenade, vending machine games, electronic animal rides… and a petting zoo!

7. Community occasions throughout the year

Bringing the community together under one roof, the Waterfront Market hosts different events throughout the year. Previous events have included ‘The Biggest Catch’ along with the annual summer festival. This winter, there will be the annual mural competition which offers budding artists the chance to showcase their work to the world. This year, the competition will select two winners – a painter and a sculptor – who will each be rewarded with AED 15,000.

The Waterfront Market is located at the intersection of Al Khaleej Road and Abu Hail Street in Deira. It’s open 24/7 with the exception of the fish market which closes for deep cleaning from 2pm to 4pm on weekdays and 12pm to 1.30pm on Fridays.

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