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Would You Travel to Paradise… For a Fitness Holiday?

We travel to explore, relax and enjoy new surroundings… and that usually doesn’t involve waking up at sunrise for a bootcamp session. But the popularity of fitness retreats is only growing as holiday makers look to ramp up their active lifestyles while escaping to paradise.

These fitness-focused retreats are a far cry from your neighborhood gym. Located in some of the world’s most scenic (and often luxurious) places, they give guests a chance to spend their days immersed in programs that prioritize clean eating and physical activity. To give you a better idea of what these fitness retreats offer, here are a handful of programs that aim to change your healthy-living routine in the heart of paradise.

Sicily Cycling Tour | Italy

Via Facebook | @BikeTourItaly

What to expect: The stationary bike at your gym? Not so fun. Cycling through the vineyards of Tuscany? Sign us up. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you can join the Taste of Sicily cycling tour and explore the island’s sun-kissed landscape on two wheels. Along the way you’ll visit food markets, enjoy local architecture, hike Mt. Etna volcano and take part in activities like pizza-making. Ciao!

The Farm—San Benito | Philippines

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What to expect: The Farm—San Benito puts the beauty of the Philippines’ natural landscape on full display. Located a 90-minute drive south of Manila, this luxury wellness resort is big on holistic treatments, yoga and HIIT programs, along with offering a range of vegan food options designed by in-house nutritionists.

PhuketFit | Thailand

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What to expect: Phuket’s reputation as Thailand’s hedonistic playground in paradise is well-earned, but don’t expect a party on the sand when you sign up for one of PhuketFit’s weight-loss and detox retreats. With hardcore programs on offer including Muay Thai boxing, the aim is to whip you into shape through intensive exercise and clean eating.

The Body Camp | Ibiza, Spain

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What to expect: Tell anyone you’re heading to the world-famous party island of Ibiza for a fitness retreat… and they’ll think you’ve gone mad. But at The Body Camp you’ll swap all-night raves for sunrise sweat sessions, albeit in a luxurious villa overlooking the sea. With things like hiking, military-style fitness, daily meditation and organic eating on the agenda, it’s the ultimate detox escape.

Marbella Club | Spain

What to expect: Marbella Club in southern Spain was originally a royal private residence. Now, it’s a luxury resort that offers a range of wellness & fitness programs that range from bootcamps on the beach to circuit training and Pilates. With stunning views along the Mediterranean coastline, it’s a great way to combine a must-see holiday destination with a new healthy-living routine.

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