5 Sky-High Air Adventures in Dubai to Add to Your Bucket List

In search of new adventures to try in Dubai? Luckily for us, this is one city where you’ll never run out of options! From soaring past the Burj Khalifa in a sea plane to flying Superman-style through Dubai Marina, here are 5 sky-high air adventures in Dubai that everyone needs to add to their Dubai bucket lists!

1. Seawings Dubai

Sky-high air adventure in Dubai - Seawings Dubai
Via Facebook | @seawingsdubai

Ever been on a flying boat? Here’s your chance.. Seawings Dubai is an insanely cool seaplane adventure that sails you across the Dubai Creek, before taking off and flying over the city! On top of the adrenaline-fuelled experience, you’ll be able to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s iconic skyline and landmarks, including the World Islands, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and more.

Price: AED 762 for kids under 12; AED 893 for ages 12+ for a 20 min. flight within Dubai
Where: Seawings Dubai, Dubai Creek & Golf Yacht Club

2. Skyhub Gyrocopter

air adventures in dubai skyhub gyrocopter skydive dubai
Via Twitter | @SkydiveDubai

Want to go on a sky-high scenic tour of Dubai? Skyhub Dubai’s Gyrocopter experience lets you do just that! The 20-min thrill ride will take you over the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab areas, as you enjoy 360 degree views of Dubai from up top!

Price: AED 999 for 20 mins
Where: Skyhub Dubai, at Skydive Dubai

3. Hot Air Balloon

Sky-high air adventure in Dubai - Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Via Facebook | @BalloonAdventuresUAE

Looking for something a little different? Here’s a fun air adventure in Dubai to try, away from the bustling city centre. Balloon Adventures UAE invites you for a hot air balloon adventure above the Dubai desert! You’ll have to wake up super early for this one, but the incredible views from the sky make it worth the effort!

Price: AED 1,045 for kids aged 5 to 11; AED 1195 for ages 12+ (under 5s not allowed)
Where: Balloon Adventures UAE, Motor City

4. Zipline Dubai – XLine Dubai Marina

Sky-high air adventure in Dubai - XLine Dubai Marina zipline
Via Facebook | XLine Dubai Marina

If you don’t suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights), you need to try the XLine Dubai Marina! Get your adrenaline-junkie bestie along, and get ready to fly Superman-style down this awesome new zipline in Dubai. You’ll be soaring past Dubai Marina’s skyscrapers and over the marina at speeds of up to 60kph! We sent our Editor-in-Chief down the XLine and here’s what happened..

Prices: AED 650 for one, AED 1,200 for two
Where: XLine, Dubai Marina

5. Skyhub Paramotors

Sky-high air adventure in Dubai - Skyhub Paramotors
Via Facebook | @skyhubparamotors

Whether you want to take a solo tour, or fly alongside your adventure buddies, the Skyhub Paramotors is an experience you’ll never forget! Attached to a parachute, the airborne vehicle takes you on a scenic tour of new Dubai, or over the Dubai desert dunes. If you’re up for a crazy adventure, ask your pilot to show you some adrenaline-pumping tricks and spirals in the sky!

Prices: AED 750 at the Desert (morning & afternoon); AED 999 at Dubai Marina (afternoon only)
Where: Skyhub Dubai, at Marina & the Desert

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