Take a Walk Along the Dubai Water Canal & Tolerance Bridge in Dubai

Summer is coming… and when the heat hits the city, there’s no turning back. So, it’s time to get outdoors and make the most of the last few week of the glorious weather because ‘winter in dubai’ is almost over! If you’ve yet to check out the new Dubai Water Canal, plan a weekend walk or run along the canal’s boardwalks. The views of the city skyline from Tolerance Bridge are awesome, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Where is this place? It’s the Dubai Water Canal that runs through Business Bay.

How much does it cost to visit? Nothing! It’s totally free… If you drive there, you will just have to pay for parking.

insydo verdict: “It’s a great place to go for a long walk or run or just to watch the boats go by. Some of the cycle tracks aren’t complete and there are no coffee shops or stop-offs along it just yet. However, the architectural design of  Tolerance Bridge is awesome for photographers, especially during sunrise and sunset!”

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