5 UAE Road Trips For Your Next Weekend Adventure

No matter how long you’ve called the UAE home, there’s always something new to explore across the emirates. Looking for UAE roads trips for your next weekend getaway from Dubai? Here are five adventures you can try…

1. Road to… Jebal Jais


Why you should go: When we first made our way through the majestic landscape at Jebel Jais, we felt like we were in a different country — a testament perhaps to how uniquely beautiful the UAE’s tallest mountain is. One of our favorite spots to wash away the city lights in exchange for a sky full of stars, you’ll love ascending the winding roads for spectacular views all around.
Travel time: Around 2 hours 15 minutes
Other things to do: Try the world’s longest zip-line that’s suspended between the mountains of Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah.

2. Road to… Khor Fakkan

Aerial view of Al Aqah beach and coastline.

Why you should go: The mountains meet the sea at Khor Fakkan where drivers are treated to coastal roads and beautiful views at every turn. Located in the emirate of Sharjah, this sleepy enclave commands attention — whether it’s coral reef diving or exploring Wadi Wurayah and its cascading waterfalls and serene pools.
Travel time: Around 2 hours
Other things to do: A visit to Al Badiyah Mosque, the oldest mosque in the UAE.

3. Road to… Jebel Hafeet


Why you should go: Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain is regularly described as one of the “greatest driving roads in the world” — and you’ll understand why once you begin the nail-biting 12 kilometer ascent. Full of sharp winding turns, corners and scenic views, it’s undeniably thrilling. The fact that it’s located in the heart of the ‘garden city’ of Al Ain is just an added bonus.
Travel time: Around 1 hour 45 minutes
Other things to do: Whitewater rafting on the artificial rapids at Wadi Adventure is a guaranteed adrenaline rush.

4. Road to… Liwa Oasis


Why you should go: Absolutely nothing prepares you for the never-ending titanic sand dunes on the road to Liwa Oasis. Located in the vast Empty Quarter, it’s the quintessential portrait of magical desert landscape that leaves you breathless. If you’re off-roading, be sure to climb the famed Moreeb Dune that rises 300 meters high — it’s unfailingly spectacular at sunset.
Travel time: Around 4 hours
Other things to do: Visit one of the many camel farms dotting the landscape for a glimpse into authentic Bedouin life — not to mention fresh camel milk.

5. Road to… Hatta


Why you should go: Everyone likes to think of Hatta as Dubai’s ultimate hidden gem — and it doesn’t disappoint. A popular spot for camping under the stars, it’s an easy trip about 90 minutes from the city that greets you with splendid mountain landscapes surrounding Hatta Dam. Great for trekking, cycling, kayaking (and disconnecting from the hectic day-to-day), it’s must-visit for all nature lovers.
Travel time: Around 1 hour 30 minutes
Other things to do: Hatta Heritage Village brings the past to life, giving visitors a glimpse into how Dubai’s original villages looked and functioned.

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