9 FREE Things To Do in Dubai Mall When You Have Visitors in Town

Whether you’ve got your parents visiting you or your mates, checking out the world’s largest shopping mall is on everyone’s Dubai bucket list. But on top of all the shopping and fancy Dubai experiences, there are also lots of FREE things to do and see at The Dubai Mall.

1. Get your shoes shined

Need some pampering after all that shopping? Make your way to the Guest Services kiosk in Fashion Avenue, and they will give your shoes a complimentary makeover using traditional shoe shining methods.

2. Check out the colourful umbrella display

Ever been to The Village, Dubai Mall’s very own shopping strip that resembles a rustic street lined with denim shops and cafes? If you haven’t, you’re missing out because there are hundreds of multi-coloured umbrellas hanging off the ceiling, and it is definitely worth a visit!

3. Make music at Melodies of the Village

While you’re there, don’t miss the Melodies of the Village – an interactive audio and visual experience. The installation is made up of multiple poles, and each one emits a series of musical sounds and colours when you touch them.

4. Check out the The Waterfall

The Dubai Fountains aren’t the only cool water attraction at the Dubai Mall! Inside the mall, there’s a gigantic waterfall with statues of pearl divers, and it spans four floors!

5. See the Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium is home to over 30,000 aquatic animals, and you can watch some of them swim around the massive 10 million litre aquarium for free! From sand tiger sharks to rays, there are so many animals to spot.

6. Check out the Dubai Dino Display

Make your way to the Souk Dome to hang out with #DubaiDino, Dubai Mall’s 155 million year old resident dinosaur skeleton! The 24 metre long and 7.6 metre high dinosaur is from the late Jurassic period, and is made up of 90% original fossil bones.

7. Watch the Ice Skaters

The Dubai Ice Rink is an Olympic-sized ice rink, so it’s no surprise that Dubai’s best ice skaters head there to practice and show off their skills. Watch as they jump, glide and spin around on the ice.

8. Marvel at The Dubai Fountain

Ever seen a dancing fountain? Every 30 mins, from 6pm to 11pm, The Dubai Fountain puts on a magical water, light and sound show for everyone to enjoy! There are also a variety of restaurant by the Waterfront Promenade, so you can enjoy a meal while watching the show.

9. Admire the World’s Tallest Building

Last but not least, pull out your selfie sticks, and get ready to snap up an epic picture with the World’s tallest building! The Waterfront Promenade has insane views of the iconic Burj Khalifa!

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