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Cool Things To Do at These FREE Beaches in Dubai

Hanging out at the beach this winter? (#OnlyInDubai) Luckily for us, the free beaches in Dubai are packed with fun activities for all ages! From an inflatable obstacle course in the sea to an outdoor skate park at Kite Beach Dubai, beaches will never be the same again…

1. Hawa Hawa at La Mer Dubai

Things to do at free beaches in Dubai - La Mer
Via La Mer Dubai

Ready to jump, jump?! Hawa Hawa is Dubai’s new inflatable playground that recently popped up at La Mer Dubai.  The dune-shaped trampoline concept originates from Japan and is a fun activity for all ages! Adults can take on the large dunes, while the little ones have fun bouncing around the smaller ones.

Cost: AED 25 for 15 minutes
Where: La Mer Dubai, in Jumeirah 1

2. Surfing at Umm Suqeim Beach

Things to do at free beaches in Dubai - Umm Suqeim Beach
Via Instagram | @SurfHouseDubai

Head to Umm Suqeim Beach for stunning views of the Burj Al Arab, and the chance to try out some watersports! Home to Surf House Dubai, you can go on a SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) tour around the waters. Or if you’re br ave enough, why not try your hand at surfing!

Cost: From AED 150 for SUP sessions, from AED 200 for Surfing lessons
Where: Surf House Dubai at Umm Suqeim Beach, behind Umm Suqeim Park

3. Aquafun Waterpark at JBR Dubai

Things to do at free beaches in Dubai - JBR Dubai
Via AquaFun

Get ready to slip and slide at The Beach’s inflatable waterpark! Shaped as the logo of Dubai, you have to try and get past the 74 obstacles to make it to the finish line without falling off. And yes, that includes being pushed off! Up for the challenge?

Cost: From AED 110 per person
Where: The Beach, at JBR

4. XDubai Skate Park at Kite Beach Dubai

Things to do at free beaches in Dubai - Kite Beach Dubai
Via XDubai

Whether you’re a pro skater, a complete beginner, or you just want to watch – head to the XDubai skate park at Kite Beach Dubai. It’s open to everyone, and you can catch some of Dubai’s exceptional skateboarders pulling off some epic stunts on the slopes and rails!

Cost: Free
Where: XDubai Skate Park, Kite Beach Dubai

5. Fly Boarding at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour

Things to do at free beaches in Dubai - Jumeirah Fishing Harbour
Via SeaRide

From jet skiing to hover boarding, get ready for a day filled with water adventures at Sea Ride. We suggest trying out fly boarding. It’s not easy (at all!) but it’s fun, looks super cool and is soooo Insta-worthy!

Cost: From AED 315
Where: Sea Ride, at Jumeirah Beach Fishing Harbour

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