6 Reasons Why Korean Skincare Products Are Worth the Hype

Here’s an interesting fact for you. According to BBC News, South Korean women spend twice as much of their income on skincare and beauty products than American women.

Korean skincare and beauty – or more commonly known as K-Beauty – has taken the cosmetics industry by storm in all corners of the globe. Whether it’s foamed-up bubble masks, egg mousse facial cleansers, or pumpkin 24K gold sheet masks, K-Beauty products certainly know how to stand out from the rest. But what else is it about this craze that make Korean skincare products worth the hype?

1. Won’t break the bank

Let’s face it: most of us spend a hefty chunk of our salaries on cosmetics. One of the reasons K-Beauty products have become so favourited is because most of the items are affordable. From sheet masks to lip masks, K-Beauty offers high-quality formulas at drug store prices.

2. All about natural ingredients

Ever tried using snail mucus on your skin? Korean skincare products are well known for their all-natural ingredients – some of which you won’t normally find in other parts of the world. Snail mucus in creams is a popular one as it’s said to help reduce acne scarring and firm the skin.

3. Super fun and easy to apply

K-Beauty is all about products that are easy to apply… and fun! You’ll find so many playful and quirky-looking products to try, from panda sheet masks to clay masks that transform into tiny little bubbles.

4. Focus is on prevention

One of the key USPs of Korean skincare products is prevention. Rather than hide skin issues with a temporary makeup fix, it focuses more on helping to fix the root of the problem: the skin. K-Beauty products are particularly well known to help with anti aging and restoring damaged skin.

5. Suitable for all skin types

The variety you’ll find in the Korean skincare range is endless. Rather than only focusing on formulas for dry and oily skin types, K-Beauty takes it one step further and concentrates on the different ingredients that suit various skin types. For example oil based vs. water based. Scented vs. unscented for those who have sensitive skin.

6. Innovative and one-of-a-kind

There’s always something new to try in the K-Beauty world, with new products and formulas continuously being developed. One particular innovative Korean product that created a buzz was the cushion foundation – a liquid-based formula that comes in compact form rather than a bottle.

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