VLOG: Why are Big Beauty Brands Using these Super Ingredients?!

Who knew the secret to glowing skin and healthy hair would be in natural ingredients all around us? From ginseng and coconut to charcoal and rose, big beauty brands are incorporating super ingredients into their hair and skincare products, but why? It’s a healthy and quick fix that lets the everyday on-the-go woman benefit from super ingredients without the hassle of making a home remedy from scratch.

Check out the video above where we show you four easy-to-use products from Sephora that are infused with these natural ingredients. Whether you’re looking to moisturise, purify, energise or nourish, it’s time to find out just how effective the benefits of super ingredients really are!

Charcoal… for purifying!

One look at social media and you’ll see charcoal products trending all over Instagram. From charcoal toothpaste to charcoal face masks, everyone is obsessing over this super ingredient, but what does it actually do though? It’s an effective quick fix for the skin as it absorbs excess oil and purifies the pores – something we could all benefit from given the polluted city life we experience every day!

The super power: Absorbs excess oil in the skin and purifies pores

The quick fix: Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia (AED 125) for minimising pores and removing blackheads

Ginseng… for energising!

The health benefits of ginseng are endless, but what can this super ingredient do for your skin? Incorporating ginseng into your skincare routine helps to revitalise, energise and nourish the skin for a naturally healthy glow. Long office hours can often cause tired-looking skin and the dry heat in this region can strip away that ‘glow’.

The super power: Revitalises, energises and nourishes the skin for a naturally healthy glow

The quick fix: GinZing Peel-Off Mask by Origins (AED 125) for refining and refreshing the skin

Coconut… for nourishing!

Want to know why everyone’s nuts about coconuts? They contain fatty acids that moisturise and nourish both the hair and skin, making it the perfect fix for this climate where sandstorms and dust can negatively impact our hair and skin.

The super power: Moisturises and nourishes the skin and hair’s complexion

The quick fix: Coco-Nuts Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask by Starskin (AED 55) for repairing and strengthening the hair from inside out

Rose… for moisturising!

We’ve all heard our mothers talk about the benefits of rose water, but what does it actually do? It’s formula contains super hydration powers which work to increase the amount of water in skin cells. This is super important as our daily exposure to the AC and being under the sun too much can really dry out the skin.

The super power: Hydrates by increasing the amount of water in skin cells

The quick fix: Rose Oil Blend by Pixi Skintreats (AED 150) for rejuvenating, restoring and renewing the skin’s luminosity

From charcoal masks to rose toners, visit the Sephora website or your nearest Sephora store for all the latest skincare products that contain super ingredients!

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