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Artist Spotlight: The Singer Who’s Making ‘Sonic’ Waves in Music

Singer-songwriter Nadine Randle is an artist on the rise, topping the charts in her native Sweden and revving up crowds recently with her powerhouse vocals at this year’s Dubai Jazz Festival. Whether she’s lending her voice as the official singer for Sweden’s national football teams or debuting new music on iHeart Radio, Randle’s star continues to shine. But it’s her latest collaboration that has fans buzzing…

Randle is one of a slew of global artists to contribute their talents to Mastercard’s first-ever foray into music. Her new single Merry Go Round — inspired by the brand’s catchy six-note sonic melody — was enough to get Dubai crowds moving when she debuted it live across the three-day music festival. We caught up with Nadine to get her take on the evolution of her blossoming career.

You hail from Sweden, which has produced many of the world’s biggest pop acts. Was making music always going to be a part of your future?
Making music is a way of life for me… it’s just the way I live my life. So I guess it was always my hopes that music would be a part of my life in this way. I have always worked towards it.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Wow, there are so many! Whitney, Mariah, Madonna, Adele, Beyoncé, Sam Smith, Michael Jackson, Janet and many more influence and inspire me.

Can you remember what it felt like to hear your voice on the radio for the first time?
Yes! It was an unbelievable moment, and something I still can’t really get over. It surprises me every time!

As an award-winning songwriter, where do you draw inspiration from?
I always draw inspiration from real life events and I like to tell stories that are grounded in reality. The truth is always the best way to tell a story; a lot of people find strength and courage in that.

You teamed up with Mastercard on the new single “Merry Go Round”. What’s the story behind this unique collaboration?
It’s a unique and special collaboration when destiny meets the needs of real life events being told. It’s about a new beginning and together we have made a beautiful song I’m very proud of. It’s Priceless!

The soulful track takes inspiration from Mastercard’s six-note ‘sonic’ melody. What did it feel like to perform it along with thousands in the crowd at the Dubai Jazz Festival?
It was amazing! I just love to see people connecting to it and singing along. It was an unreal experience!

Sharing the same stage as Lauryn Hill, Lionel Richie and One Republic must have been a special moment for you. What was the experience like?
I have one word for this and it’s WOW! It was just WOW – I still can’t get over it!

What can music fans expect from you in 2020?
I have new music with a more contemporary touch, R&B influences and pop! I hope everybody can draw something from my new music.

Your life has revolved around music, but do you have any other hidden talents that might surprise people?
 Good question — I’m actually an okay ballet dancer.

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