Now THIS is a Halloween Party That Made People Scream!

Aquaventure just pulled off one of the craziest Halloween bashes we’ve seen in years! Last weekend the waterpark hosted a haunted edition of its After Dark party, and things got epic once the lights went down. We’re talking zombie mobs and a terrifying maze that was straight out of a horror film — check this out!

Here’s what went down at Aquaventure After Dark…

Dubai’s biggest Halloween pool party was a spine-chilling splash fest — and a side of Aquaventure we’ve never seen! Here are the highlights we loved (and freaky moments we wish we could forget!)

  • Haunted maze: Trapped in a pitch-black maze with nightmarish characters hiding around every turn — congrats for legit scaring the hell out of us.
  • Sliding in the dark: Barreling down Aquaventure’s 20 epic water slides under the moonlight? It’s a whole different level of thrills.
  • Dancing with skeletons: Standing four meters high and glowing in the dark, the dancing skeleton parade was all about keeping the party lit.
  • Zombie patrol: Thanks to the zombie squad roaming the park, we couldn’t let our guard down for a moment.
  • Party in the pool: Dubai’s biggest Halloween pool party was a dance-off in the water — and one of the night’s biggest highlights.
  • Scream contest: AED 50,000 in prizes were given away to the loudest guests on the Leap of Faith slide — no shame in our scream game!
  • Girls-only ‘chillax pool’: Female guests got access to a girls-only pool to chill out on lilo floaties shaped like Havaianas flip flops… anddd relax!

The Aquaventure freaks come out at night

Aquaventure After Dark looked like a massive haunted playground or the movie set of a Hollywood slasher film. Here are three things that properly freaked us out:

  • Horror movie vibes… when we witnessed a demented ‘doctor’ cutting up a corpse like it was no big thing.
  • Freaky voices… from inside the haunted maze asking us to “come a little closer” — uhhh no thanks!
  • Dancing holograms… that looked like the girl from The Ring — who knew she had moves like that?!

We’ve seen Atlantis, The Palm host some pretty legendary parties, but this one still has us buzzing. From the over-the-top costumes to the crazy rides, Aquaventure After Dark just gave us the Halloween bash we’ve been waiting for.

What will they pull off next time?! We can’t wait to find out…

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