There’s a New Foodie Hotspot in Dubai and You Have to Check it Out!

Have you ever stopped to think where many of Dubai’s five-star hotels and national airlines source their bread from? More often than not, it has come directly from Bakemart, a Dubai institution for freshly-baked artisan breads and cakes. Its popularity has led to a new gourmet restaurant experience that will more than impress! Bakemart Gourmet has introduced unexpected twists to your everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes… Falafel Waffle, anyone?!

We checked out the new Bakemart Gourmet in Jumeirah and let’s just say… we’ll definitely be coming back for more. Taking creativity to a whole new level, this restaurant and bakery is home to both a cozy indoor area (we felt like we were in our own living room) and terrace garden outside.

If that’s not enough, just wait until you set foot in the adjoining Bakemart Gourmet bakery (the scent of fresh bread and cakes was heavenly!) Bread is baked fresh out of the oven every hour and all cakes are made in house. Dessert lovers, don’t get us started on the cakes… We’ll see you again soon, Lotus Cheesecake – you were divine!

We’re massive fans of Bakemart’s gourmet menu options, coupled with quirky drinks that belong on any foodie blogger’s social media. Even the tea was unique; each flavour came in individual tubes allowing you to smell the loose leaves before choosing your flavour. Impressed yet? This is Bakemart Gourmet like you’ve never seen it before…

Dishes we’ll be coming back for:

  • Royal Egg Benedict… topped with Caviar and a 24k gold leaf (now that’s what we call ‘Royal’ eggs!)
  • Falafel Waffle… literally made from Falafel and topped with two poached eggs
  • Steak on Charcoal… served sizzling to your table on a mini charcoal grill

Drinks we’re loving:

  • Fresh Watermelon Juice… decorated with mini watermelon balls on the cup’s rim
  • Rose Lemonade… served in a glass with an upside down lemonade bottle
  • Watermelon Slush… served bubbling on top of a smoky layer of dry ice

So, ‘When You Knead Love’ and some foodie fun, head to Bakemart Gourmet!

For more information about Bakemart Gourmet in Jumeirah, you can call +971 4 329 6249.

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