du Tough Mudder is Back With an Epic Line-Up of Obstacles!

More mud. More water. More heights. More obstacles. Yep, du Tough Mudder is back for round three and it’s bigger than ever! Gearing up for its epic return this December, this 10k obstacle course is bringing back all your favourite challenges, from the sky-high ‘Everest 2.0‘ to the electrifying ‘Electroshock Therapy‘. This is where physical strength and stamina meet mental capability… think you can handle it?

du Tough Mudder: The need-to-know info

With a number of exciting new obstacles in the line-up, along with challenging favourites from last year, there really is so much to get excited about. Here’s a quick roundup of everything you need to know about du Tough Mudder 2018.

When will the event take place?

7th and 8th December 2018

Where will the event be held?

Hamdan Sports Complex on Emirates Road (opposite Global Village)

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices start from AED 360 for the du Tough Mudder course and AED 55 for du Mini Mudder. Register here to get your hands on tickets.

How can I train for the challenge?

du Tough Mudder has teamed up with The Warehouse Gym to help participants prep for the obstacle course challenge. They have created a number of training plans which are available for download via the Tough Mudder website.

What are the different obstacles?

This year’s du Tough Mudder will feature 28 challenges in total. Here are 14 of our favourite picks:

  1. Arctic Enema 2.0: take the icy plunge into 10 tons of ice
  2. Everest 2.0: climb up a 15-foot quarter pipe with a recurved top
  3. The Block Ness Monster: push, pull and roll your way through 60-feet of rotating barriers
  4. Pyramid Scheme: climb and push your way up a slippery incline
  5. Electroshock Therapy: brave your way through a field of dangling wires with 10,000 volts of adrenaline
  6. The Liberator: climb to the top of a vertical face using nothing but a pair of wooden pegs
  7. Big Dipper: make your way to the top of an incredibly high dune (some say it’s the highest dune ever climbed by humans)
  8. Mud Mile 2.0: round up your fellow Mudders and brave through the pits full of mud
  9. The Reach Around: reach, feel and grab at a backwards 45-degree angle
  10. Skidmarked: swing over the edge of a 10-foot slanted wall with no foot holds in sight
  11. Kiss of Mud 2.0: squirm your way through inches of mud and tangled rows of barbed wire
  12. Cage Crawl: brave through 60 feet of water and only six inches of air space
  13. Quagmire: crawl, scramble and climb out of a moon crater-shaped mud puddle
  14. Bale Bonds: climb up and down sets of hay bales

May the odds be ever in your favour, Mudders!

For more info about the event or to register online, visit the Tough Mudder website. You can also stay updated by following Tough Mudder on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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