You Need to Try this Chocolate Trivia Challenge at Your Next Game Night!

It’s not every day you go to work and find a month’s supply of KitKat waiting to be won! Last Tuesday was a different kind of Tuesday at insydo HQ, where meetings and deadlines were swapped for fun buzzers, trivia teasers and KitKat Mini Moments Desserts. Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat, anyone?! Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a break from the daily hustle for some fun with friends, so we decided to create our very own KitKat challenge that combined trivia fun with chocolate taste testing. Check out the video above to find out who walked away a KitKat Trivia Champion!

Create your own KitKat Trivia Challenge

Game nights at home with friends are all about sharing moments, and what better way to enjoy some friendly competition than with your own trivia challenge?! Throw in some KitKat taste testing – blindfolded – and you’ve got yourself an evening well spent! Here’s how you can create your very own KitKat Trivia Challenge game at home:

  • What you’ll need: two of your best friends, two fun (and loud!) buzzers, a know-it-all quiz master and a KitKat Mini Moments Desserts pouch.
  • The quiz master’s role: they ask quick-fire trivia questions across an array of different categories, from pop culture brain teasers to mind-busting geography. The first person to hit the buzzer and guess the answer correctly gets a point!
  • The ‘Guess the Flavour’ bonus round: this round gives the two contestants a chance to up their score while having a tasty KitKat break at the same time! Blindfolds are worn and tastebuds are tested… The first person to hit the buzzer and guess the KitKat Mini Moments Desserts flavour gets two points. Now, that’s the kind of challenge we’re up for!
  • The awesome prize: depending on how generous you’re feeling, the prize can be one KitKat Mini Moments Desserts pouch or a whole month’s supply… plus bragging rights, of course!
  • Get inspired: if you’re looking for some trivia inspo, check out insydo ‘Quizzes’ for everything from geography-themed questions to UAE-based trivia.

There’s always room for dessert!

Desserts are made for sharing, so why have one when you can have them all?! From the heavenly Cherry Brownie twist to the creamy Crème Brûlée fusion, the KitKat Mini Moments Desserts pouch is the ultimate #DessertGoals! Here are the five flavours you can expect to find in the pouch:

  1. Cherry Brownie: a sweet yet tangy fusion of cherry and rich dark chocolate cream.
  2. Tiramisu: a coffee-flavoured blast of rich Tiramisu perfection.
  3. Strawberry Cheesecake: an incredible blend of strawberry and cheese cream.
  4. Crème Brûlée: a creamy concoction of rich custard flavours with caramel flakes.
  5. Milk Chocolate: the one and only original KitKat with crispy wafer and creamy milk chocolate.

insydo verdict: We got the entire team to taste test each KitKat Mini Moments Desserts to find out which KitKat flavour was our office fave. It was a close call, but the two standout flavours among the team seemed to be Strawberry Cheesecake and Cherry Brownie.

Hey KitKat, how about a lifetime’s supply next time?

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