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Think You Can Handle The Extra Spicy Chicken Mexicano?!

It’s time to turn up the heat, Dubai! McDonald’s UAE has spiced up its game and it is hotter than ever! If you’re allll about that extra kick of spice, the Signature Collection menu’s new Extra Spicy Chicken Mexicano was made for you.

The Signature Collection Burgers are the newest additions to the McDonald’s menu; these include The Clubhouse, The Chicken Mexicano, The Mushroom, and due to popular demand, the new Extra Spicy Chicken Mexicano.

From fiery jalapeños to flavourful guacamole, we put our tastebuds to the ultimate heat test! But the question is, could we handle the Extra Spicy Chicken Mexicano? Here are the reactions of our Deputy Editor and Videographer…

“Nope, my mouth is on fire!”

“It was so spicy that it actually gave me hiccups. Tasted great but I just couldn’t handle those jalapeños! I think I’m going to stick to The Chicken Mexicano…”

“Oh yehhh, I can SO handle it!”

“This is the winner from the Signature Collection if you ask me! The Chicken Mexicano was my favourite, but I’ve gotta say, the new Extra Spicy Chicken Mexicano is even better.”

Know someone who loves spicy food? We think it’s about time you challenged them to the heat test…

Thinking about McDonald’s now?!

Why not test the restaurant-style experience? McDonald’s in the UAE has upped its game with self-service kiosks, barista-style coffee, free Wi-Fi and a whole lot more!

Here’s what went down when we visited the McDonald’s restaurant on Jumeirah Road to check out the entire experience…

McDonald’s is definitely moving with the age of convenience to ensure everything is at your fingertips. Hit your nearest branch for an affordable dine-in breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends and let us know what you think!

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