So, You Think Your Home is Clean? These Guys Will Prove You Wrong!

This week, we found out that around two million dust mites live in the average household mattress and they excrete around 20 times a day! In Dubai, high humidity and lack of fresh indoor air circulation are things we all experience on a daily basis, but did you know that this is the common cause of dust mites?

Even the cleanest Dubai apartment or villa has millions of dust mites lurking beneath the surfaces – trust us, we’ve seen it with our own eyes! Having stumbled across ‘The Healthy Home’ on Instagram, we decided to put ‘The Healthy Home‘ to the test this week in a freshly-cleaned apartment and the results speak for themselves in the video!

Why is it important to sanitise the house?

From regular sandstorms to exposure to continuous AC, our Dubai air quality is one of the leading causes for dust and dirt. Dust mites and mould multiply when exposed to humidity, especially in areas like the mattress, sofa, carpet and curtains. This leads to allergic symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing, as well as health issues including asthma, eczema and, in some cases, bronchitis.

Did you know…

  • Dust mites excrete around 20 times a day in the mattress
  • Around two million dust mites live in the average household mattress
  • Dust mites excrete twice their body weight per day
  • Dust mite populations multiply in hot and humid environments
  • The weight of the average mattress doubles after 10 years due to dust mite infestation

Still think your house is clean?!

What is ‘The Healthy Home’ company?

The Healthy Home is Dubai’s modern-day dust-buster which was founded after a personal family history with asthma. This Dubai-based firm is the only company in the Middle East that fully sanitises your mattress and upholstery through the use of advanced technology and equipment. Completely dry and chemical-free, the sanitation service offered by The Healthy Home is done in two steps:

Step 1 – Industrial Vacuuming: removes dust mites, dead skin, hair and food crumbs. This is done using a pulsating vacuum which has 11 times more suction power than a regular vacuum.

Step 2 – UVc Sanitation: the world’s first and only medical grade sanitation technology – remUVe® – uses Germicidal Ultra Violet Light (GUVL) to destroy hidden dust mites. This process is followed by UV light mirrors (10 seconds of this is equivalent to 48 hours of direct sunlight) and an overheated dry steam technology that kills all bacteria in less than one minute.

What services does ‘The Healthy Home’ offer?

We recently booked The Healthy Home to come and sanitise an entire apartment, from the mattresses and AC ducts to the sofas and carpets. The Healthy Home team arrived at the door, fully equipped with massive industrial machines that looked like something out of a scene from Ghostbusters. Geared up in quarantine-style overalls, we knew these guys meant business.

Here’s a full list of The Healthy Home services and prices:

After all the home sanitation treatments were done and dusted, we were taken out into the corridor for the big reveal. Want to know what was lurking within all our furniture? Find out in the video above!

Thinking about sanitising your house? You can book your free demo by getting in touch with ‘The Healthy Home’ on +971 4 360 5146 or, or by visiting The Healthy Home website.