5 of the Most Extreme Burger Stacks in Dubai

Looking for Dubai’s most extreme burgers? We’ve found five beefed-up badboys that take burger brilliance to a whole new level. From the jaw-dropping Terabite at John Daniel’s to the Extra Love Burger at Blaze Burgers, it’s time to take a minute to appreciate these insane burger stacks!

1. Classic Hamburger (with extra toppings!) at CLAW BBQ

Classic Hamburger (with extra toppings!) at CLAW BBQ
Via Instagram | @claw_bbq

If there’s one thing CLAW BBQ is known for, it’s extreme dishes. From massive portions of Nachos to mouth-watering burger stacks, this place really does put the ‘comfort’ in comfort food. Their burgers are made with premium USDA Beef in between a toasted bun (top tip: be sure to go alllll out with the extra toppings!)

Location: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai