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Al Qudra Lake Has New Strict Rules That All Visitors Should Know…

Following an increasingly vocal public debate regarding how poorly some guests have been misusing Al Qudra Lake, a sweeping new set of rules have come in place… and it’s probably going to disappoint many responsible visitors.

From people leaving behind mounds of trash after a camp-out, to dog owners not picking up after their animal, complaints run the spectrum. Here’s what you should know

New rules for Al Qudra Lake

Via Instagram | @secretive_nature

New signs have gone up at Al Qudra Lake outlining the rules. The following activities are now banned:

  • Camping
  • Dog walking
  • Swimming
  • Bonfires
  • BBQs/cooking
  • Entry of vehicles and motorcycles
  • Feeding animals/wildlife
  • Cutting or removing plants
  • Littering
  • Hunting or killing animals/wildlife

Keep in mind that you can still picnic at Al Qudra Lake, but absolutely no cooking allowed… and remember: Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures!

Via Instagram | @yeye025

The new rules will help preserve nature and wildlife in Al Qudra, while ensuring guests are safe at all times. The latter point references complaints made by cyclists that a growing number of vehicles are driving dangerously close to the cycle path which snakes around this man-made cluster of lakes.

Al Qudra Lake is one of Dubai’s most popular nature escapes for camping, nature-watching and BBQs. The new ban will take effect immediately.

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Feature image credit | @thickodicko