insydo marketing campaign - Dear Dubai

Dear Dubai…

Dear Dubai,

…and Abu Dhabi… and Sharjah… and every single UAE resident who has become a part of our startup success story! Just wanted to let you know, we’re shaking things up…

Like all startups, the past three years has been a rollercoaster of a journey. From building (and ditching) the insydo apps to putting Steve (our Marketing Guy) on a billboard… From changing our logo 5 times to even secretly reviewing 3,000 businesses. We have constantly found ourselves learning and evolving – and we’ve loved every minute of it.

A big thank you.

So, to all 330,000 of you who have chosen to become our Facebook followers – thank you for the millions and millions of times you have clicked to read our content, watch our videos and engage with us. You really are a loyal crowd.

While we know you love our content, we realise that we’re not the only ones doing it. The landscape for lifestyle publishers is becoming repetitive and, let’s face it, aren’t we all starting to overlap?!

  • You know what’s on in Dubai – so you don’t need more from us.
  • You have the national news, so you don’t need lifestyle publishers reporting it as click-bait.
  • We want you to follow us for our content… but we don’t want to blend in. And we’re not willing to merge our way to a million followers in 7Days –  for some quick social lovin’.

So, we’re taking time out (after 3 years of hustle) to bring you fresh content and shake things up.

Our pledge to you.

As content creators, we want to give you more. We want to bring you more variety in content that will entertain and inspire you.

We’ll chase that story of the guy who ran 30 marathons in 30 days… after being hit by a truck. We’ll show you why you need a ‘Spiraliser’ in your life. We’ll tell you what the mangroves are doing in Abu Dhabi. We’ll take you to Istanbul to find out why Turkish ice cream doesn’t melt.

We’ll embrace the voices of our region through English and Arabic content (Say Hello to insydo bil arabi!). We’re excited to finally expand our presence and team across the Middle East! More countries, more content, more challenges ahead!

Finally, it’s time to get to the heart of the stories that exist within our region. We can’t wait to experience this next chapter with you.

See you soon, Middle East!

Team insydo.

(P.S… We will be dedicating some time to Instagram. Our CEO has promised to send us (and two insydo fans) on a real holiday – to Amsterdam – if we can grow our following to 150k by December 31st. Who’s in?! Follow us and tag your travel buddy… you just might be the lucky one who gets to explore a new city with the insydo team!)