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Eid Holidays for UAE Public Sector Announced

The UAE government has announced that Eid Al Fitr holidays for public sector employees begins on Thursday, June 14 and will continue until Shawwal 3. Here are more details

Eid Al Fitr 2018 holidays for public sector

If the first day of Eid Al Fitr falls on Friday, June 15 — as has been predicted by local experts — Shawwal 3 will coincide with Sunday, June 17. This means that government ministries will be closed until Sunday, with workers reporting back to duty on Monday, June 18.

Will private sector workers get a public holiday?

In the past, Eid al Fitr holidays in the UAE included two days for the private sector and three days for civil servants. Because Eid al Fitr is likely to fall on Friday, June 15, we can’t be sure if workers will still get time off. Government officials are expected to confirm this shortly — we’ll be updating you as soon as an official announcement is made….

Is there another Eid coming?

Yes. Eid Al Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice), also known as as the Greater Eid, is expected to begin on Wednesday, August 22. This could translate into a four-day holiday weekend for the private sector, though no official announcements have yet been made.

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