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You Can Now Use a Nol Card to Pay Your Dubai Traffic Fines

A convenient new service has been rolled out that enables the use of Nol cards to pay your Dubai RTA fines at several branches across the emirate. Here’s what you should know

Nol cards can now be used to pay Dubai RTA fines

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Thousands of Dubai residents carrying a Nol card (‘Nol’ is an Arabic word for fare) can now use it like they would a credit card when making RTA payments. The service had been launched in five customer happiness centres of the RTA, including Umm Al Ramool, Al Kifaf, Al Barsha, Al Tawar and Al Manara. Nol card users will be able to pay service fees, as well as applicable fines.

In recent years, the use of Nol cards has expanded beyond public transport to include car parking, entry fees for parks and Union Museum, snacks in selected stores, and fuel in EPPCO and ENOC Stations.

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