You Can Soon Walk Through Dubai Airport Immigration in Under 15 Seconds

Your next experience at Dubai Airport Immigration is set to change with a few new ‘smart’ projects currently being tested. The plus side? The new system will get you through customs in under 15 seconds.

Dubai Airport will soon be giving first and business passengers a chance to skip the immigration check and head straight to their gate. It works like this:

  1. A Tesla car will pick you up and drive you to the airport
  2. Using a camera with facial recognition technology, your personal data is retrieved
  3. Your passport is scanned and a boarding pass is sent to you
  4. Luggage is automatically scanned and weighed with a scale located in the vehicle’s boot
  5. Arrive at Dubai airport and head directly to the lounge/boarding gate

The announcement was made at Gitex Technology Week and highlights the growing need to handle increasing passenger traffic at the world’s busiest airport.

Enter the ‘smart tunnel’

Here’s another exciting concept everyone’s talking about: passengers will be able to clear immigration procedures in less than 15 seconds by walking through a ‘smart tunnel’ in the works. The system will scan all your personal details automatically as you pass through the tunnel… sounds futuristic!

Your phone is your passport

What if your smartphone was also your passport? Well, passengers flying out of Terminal 3 will soon be able to use the new Smart UAE Wallet on their smartphones instead of passports at all smart gates.

The app will store your Emirates ID, passport, and e-gate card so that you can pass through the airport quickly and with minimal travel clearing procedures.

While the scheme is only available in Terminal 3 to select passengers on a limited basis, it will be rolled out in all terminals soon.

Will you use the new ‘smart’ system at Dubai Airport to save time? Let us know in the comments!