10 Trending Halloween Outfits You’ll Definitely See this Year

Newbies to the city are sometimes surprised by how many epic Halloween 2017 parties take place across Dubai… but we take things very seriously around here.

Most popular Halloween costumes for 2017

In preparation for fright night, we’ve rounded up the 10 most popular Halloween costumes people will be rocking this year. Remember, it’s not too late to find your perfect costume! Here they are:

10. Snapchat filter

Here’s a perfect opportunity for you to increase your followers…

halloween-costumes-halloween-2017-assss Cropped-covssss

Via Instagram | @noeale

9. Stranger Kids

The hit Netflix show about kids with superpowers is inspiring many adults to get in on the sci-fi action…

Via Instagram | @thecassleanne

8. Unicorn

From frappuccinos to freak shakes, it’s no surprise that everyone’s favourite mythical creature is coming back to life this Halloween 2017…

Via Instagram | @psychodoll_goth

7. Zombies

Zombie Halloween costumes have long held a special place in pop culture, and this year’s no different…


Via Instagram | @fancydresscom

6. Aladdin and Jasmine

Now that Disney is making a live-action version of Aladdin, expect plenty of star-crossed lovers sweeping across the dance floor…

Via Instagram | @@pixiecutphotography

5. Rick and Morty

If you’ve never seen the hit animation Rick and Morty, you’re in for a real trick or treat..

Via Instagram | @fuzzmasterflex

4. Beauty and the Beast

Got a spare yellow dress? Here’s your chance to be the Belle of the ball (… beast not included.)

Via Instagram | @Mr.Hightech 

3. Jon Snow (… and his aunt)

You won’t have to wait another season to bump into your favourite Game of Thrones characters…

Via Instagram | @jonsnowcosplay

2. Wonder Woman

Feeling powerful? Give this Wonder Woman halloween costume a try…

Via Instagram | @dropdeadjokercosplay

1. Pennywise the Clown!

There is such thing as too scary, and Pennywise is proof…

Via Instagram | @cosplayquest

Don’t forget to check out our picks for Dubai’s freakiest Halloween parties… and pick up a costume at a fancy dress shop while you’re at it!