insydo Went To STEP 2017 And It Was Totally Awesome

STEP Conference 2017 proved to be the hottest roundup of the Middle East’s most ambitious young talent. From tech geeks to Pepsi bots and a musical festival, the event was a success. Dubai International Marine Club was jam-packed with visitors who came to mix things up with everyone from local startups to underground musicians.

Musical Festival powered by Pepsi

A mini music festival went down on the Pepsi powered stage and fans couldn’t get enough. Beneath the neon-soaked Marina skyline, Hamed Sinno joined his bandmates from Mashrou Leila. Together, they showed the crowds why they’re the most talked-about act in the Middle East right now. Other bands including Adonis, The Wanton Bishops and Autostrad also turned the temperature up with energy-packed performances throughout the night.

We got served at the bar by a Pepsi ‘bot’

Technology that quenches your thirst? It’s already here, people! Anyone who made their way down to the bar this year got a chance to order their drinks via smartphone. With a range of Pepsi infused mocktails on offer, you simply had to scan a QR code to connect with a ‘bot’ler’ on Facebook. Within minutes, your drink would be waiting for you at the bar – a concept that crowds sitting in the sunshine really seemed to appreciate.