7 Crazy Water Adventures To Tick Off Your Dubai Bucket List!

Calling all adventure junkies! Looking for the coolest ways to beat the heat this summer? We got you covered! From insane rides to the craziest water slides in the country, here are 7 thrilling water adventures that you need to tick off your Dubai bucket list this summer…

1. Hamlools Humps

Via Instagram | @yaswaterworld

Yas Waterworld has some of the best water slides in the country, and Hamlool Humps is hand-down one of the craziest ones we’ve ever tried! This thrill ride mimics the shape of a camel’s humps, so you can imagine how scary it is when you’re flying mid-air! Yep, this one if definitely on the top of our list! While you’re there, don’t leave without riding on Sebag, Slithers Slides, Jebel Drop and of course, the Liwa Loop!

Where: Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi