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5 Extreme Water Sports in Dubai That Everyone Needs To Try

Summer’s back, which means it’s time to beat the Dubai heat with some super cool water sports! From flyboarding to wakeboarding, here are 5 awesome water sports in Dubai to try out..

1. Jet surfing

water sports in dubai - jetsurf
Via JetSurf UAE

Dubai doesn’t have a lot of waves, especially now that winter is (almost) gone.. But luckily, you don’t need waves for jet surfing! This water sport looks a lot like surfing, but with a motor strapped to the board. Ideal for Dubai’s calm waters, Jet surf lets you can reach up to speeds of 57km/h!

Where: JetSurf UAE

2. Flyboarding

water sports in dubai - flyboarding
Via Flyboards UAE

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Just sign up for a flyboarding session at Flyboards UAE to find out. Powered by water jets, you will be projected up in the air as you adjust your feet to move forwards and backwards. Kind of like a hover board, but high up in the air.  It’s definitely not easy, but it’s totally worth trying out.

Price: AED 300 for 30 mins
Where: Flyboards UAE

3. Fly Fish

water sports in dubai - fly fish
via Instagram | @skyandseaadventures

Fancy an adrenaline rush? This water ride will literally have you screaming for your life! Get your mates together and sign up for fly fish – a super fun ride where you need to hang (really tight) on to a big float as it’s pulled across the water by a speed boat! You can expect to fly up in the air and in to the water in this one..

Where: Sky and Sea Adventures

4. Wakeboarding

water sports in dubai - wakeboarding wakesurfing
Via Instagram | @searidersuae

Wakeboarding is one of the craziest water sports in Dubai, and pretty easy to get the hang of.. well, if you pay attention and listen to the instructors! You’ll be holding on to a rope as you wake surf through waves behind a speed boat! Pros who are ready to move up a level can try wake surfing, where you won’t be strapped on to the board!

Where: SeaRide Dubai

5. Water skiing

water sports in dubai - water skiing

Who said skiing was just for snow slopes? Similar to wake boarding, a speedboat will pull you along at high speeds. But what makes water skiing even more challenging is the fact that you’ll be balancing on one or two narrow skis!

Where: ISki, Ghantoot

Looking for more fun water adventures to try out? Here are some great places to go stand-up paddle boarding in Dubai, or if you’re up for a sky-high adventure, add these insane air adventures to your bucket list!