Our CEO Takes on Skydive Dubai as a Birthday Bucket List Challenge!

When it comes to shocks and surprises, our CEO likes to keep us looking over our shoulders. From pranking us all at Halloweeen to shocking our Editor-in-Chief with the X Line Dubai Marina experience, she’s done well so far. BUT this time, it was our turn… and we decided she needed to be thrown out of a plane from 13,000 feet, so we took her to the Skydive Dubai drop zone for her birthday!

Is skydiving in Dubai on your bucket list for 2018? If so, here’s the need-to-know details…

Skydiving in Dubai

There are two drop zones that you can choose between for your skydive. One drop zone is The Palm Drop Zone and the other is The Desert Drop Zone. With the city skyline staring back at you and the manmade islands below, The Palm drop zone is a dream location for ticking that first skydive off your bucket list. The desert campus is designed for the more experienced skydivers and those who want to train for skydive certifications; it’s also the cheaper option for those who are happy to jump from above the rolling desert dunes.

Skydive Dubai prices for 2018

  • The price for the skydiving experience at the Palm Drop Zone is AED 2,199; this includes professional photographs and a video of your experience.
  • The price for the skydiving experience at the Desert Drop Zone is AED 1,699; this includes professional photographs and a video of your experience.

Paying this amount of money to jump from a plane might seem pretty ridiculous to some; however, this is massive tick on your Dubai bucket list and we think it’s worth it when compared with other skydive locations around the world. Thinking of booking it? Check availability here.

If you’ve been following insydo for a while, you’ll know we like to do things like this all the time. Got ideas on what challenges we should take on next? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out our Adventure category and plan an adrenaline-fuelled bucket list of your own!