19 of the Best Places to Travel in 2019

Time to plan your next escape, insydo fam! Looking for the best places to travel in 2019? Get your passports ready because we’ve shortlisted the top holiday destinations 2019 that everyone is buzzing about. If you’ve got serious wanderlust, check out our guide below…

19. Philippines

Why you should go: When it comes to the world’s most beautiful beaches, no place can hold a candle to the Philippines. From Palawan to Boracay, the stunning natural landscape is ideal for diving, island hopping… and pure relaxing vibes.
Best time to visit: November to April | December to February

18. Sri Lanka

places to visit in 2019
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Why you should go: Sri Lanka is the definition of ‘paradise on a budget’ and requires very little planning for a quick getaway. Head to the mountainside for breathtaking vistas, bathe with elephants in the river, or laze away in a shack by the beach — anyone who’s been here will tell you it’s a magical island escape.
Best time to visit: December to March

17. Rwanda

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Why you should go: Rwanda has moved forward from the horrific genocide that occurred here in 1994, showing a dynamism in welcoming guests to explore all the unique cultural experiences it has to offer. Topping the ’emerging destinations’ category at the Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards, now is the best time to explore Rwanda’s enthralling landscape.
Best time to visit: Mid-December to early February | June to September

16. Chicago

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Why you should go: Most people tend to overlook Chicago for NYC… which is honestly a big mistake. Chi-Town is a much cleaner place than New York, it’s easier to navigate and it feels like one big neighborhood thanks to its down-to-earth locals. We say swap the Big Apple for the Windy City… you won’t regret it.
Best time to visit: June to August

15. Split, Croatia

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Why you should go: Split is the second largest city in Croatia, and it’s going to be a massive destination in 2019. This seaside spot enjoys a reputation for having one of Europe’s wildest nightlife scenes — no easy accomplishment — and it’s much less touristic than Dubrovnik. Should we mention they also filmed Game of Thrones here?
Best time to visit: May and June | September and October

14. Iceland

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Why you should go: Travel to Iceland is what many would consider off-the-beaten-path, but there’s honestly no place on earth like it. From its strange landscapes of volcanoes, glaciers and black sand beaches to being one of the world’s best locations to view the Northern Lights, this Nordic island nation is incomparable… especially if you think you’ve seen it all.
Best time to visit: June to August

13. Kenya

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Why you should go: Kenya is home to the famed Masai Mara National Reserve so it offers some of the best safari adventures on the continent. Along with the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’, you can also climb extinct volcanoes, dive in the Indian Ocean… or even enjoy breakfast with giraffes.
Best time to visit: June to October

12. Cuba

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Why you should go: It’s been said that Cuba is a place frozen in time, mostly due to the long-standing American blockade that began in the 1960s. But the island nation has been welcoming more visitors in recent years who flock here for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Caribbean. From the street culture to the cuisine, it’s one of the world’s most intriguing places to visit.
Best time to visit: December to May

11. The Maldives

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Why you should go: You know that tropical island screen saver on your computer? It’s probably of the Maldives. When it comes to romantic escapes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more exotic location to dip your toes in the sand. From underwater restaurants and water villas to glow-in-the-dark beaches, these islands are a slice of heaven on earth.
Best time to visit: April to November

10. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Why you should go: Someone very well-traveled once told us that of all the places they had seen, Vietnam would always remain a distinct favorite. With so much natural beauty and an abundance of rich culture, history and cuisine, you can explore the chaos of Ho Chi Minh City before taking in some of the most unspoiled landscapes on earth.
Best time to visit: February to April | August to October

9. Namibia

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Why you should go: Namibia in southwest Africa is a land of endless horizons and otherworldly landscapes. This also makes it an ideal destination for hikers, backpackers and road-trippers. For travelers wanting to explore the world’s tallest sand dunes and enjoy epic sunrises, this former German colony will surprise you with its natural beauty.
Best time to visit: December to March | June to October

8. Mexico City

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Why you should go: Mexico City is a must-visit destination for foodies, offering up an exquisite array of culinary street food delights. There’s also nature and architecture to enjoy around every corner, from ancient monuments built by the Aztec empire to some of the best beaches in the world.
Best time to visit: March to May

7. Bali, Indonesia

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Why you should go: Everyone who visits Bali can’t help but fall in love with the warmth of the people, idyllic beaches and calmness of life here. The Indonesian island is home to volcanoes, ancient temples and lush terraced rice fields — it’s essentially a living postcard that will redefine your notion of paradise.
Best time to visit: April to September

6. New Zealand

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Why you should go: Thrill-seekers flock to New Zealand more than any other place in the world — the country’s adventure tourism is absolutely massive and offers everything from skydiving to rafting, caving, bungee jumping and surfing. Trust us… this place offers so much more than Lord of the Rings nostalgia.
Best time to visit: December to February | March to May

5. Tunisia

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Why you should go: The spectacular rise of Tunisia as a must-visit destination comes down to the fact that most people know so little about the North African nation. With the Sahara on its doorstep and a gorgeous Mediterranean climate for roaming ancient cities by the sea, it’s a painfully underrated holiday hotspot that’s begging to be explored.
Best time to visit: April to June | September and October

4. Hong Kong

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Why you should go: Many travelers dub Hong Kong as the unofficial ‘World’s Greatest City’… and somehow the title seems appropriate. From its jaw-dropping skyline of glistening towers to its blossoming parks, this is Asia’s multicultural epicenter and the closest you’ll get to a glimpse of the future.
Best time to visit: October to early December

3. Barcelona

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Why you should go: Paris is beautiful… but it’s got nothing on Barcelona. If there’s one city in Europe that can (and should) be visited again and again, it’s the heartland of Spanish Catalonia. With its bustling streets, gorgeous architecture, friendly locals and legendary laid-back atmosphere, it’s the kind of place you’ll find hard to leave.
Best time to visit: May to June | September to October

2. Rio De Janeiro

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Why you should go: The rhythmic beats of Rio’s streets captivates all those who pass through here. The city is blessed with stunning coastlines, majestic vantage points, beautiful people and a colorful display of culture at every turn. To put it simply: Rio De Janeiro really does live up to the hype.
Best time to visit: December to March

1. Tokyo

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Why you should go: Travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain once wrote “If I had to eat only in one city for the rest of my life, Tokyo would be it.” So what makes Tokyo so utterly intriguing and intoxicating? Perhaps because it assaults your senses on every level… like no other place on earth.
Best time to visit: September to November

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