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You Have Been Invited To Vote For the UAE’s New Logo!

Seven Emirates. 49 artists. Three logos. The UAE is launching a new logo and you have been invited to vote! In line with the recent launch of the UAE Nation Brand project, everyone in the region and around the world can vote for the UAE’s new logo… and for every single vote, a tree will be planted. Here’s everything you need to know about the three different logos…

1. Emirates in Calligraphy

The first logo is inspired by Arabic calligraphy, capturing the flow of ocean waves merging with the sand dunes – it portrays the constant progress of the people of the Emirates

What it represents:

  • Authenticity and originality associated with the UAE
  • The constant progress in the UAE as a nation in all areas
  • That the UAE is a country built on achieving the impossible

Cast your vote for Emirates in Calligraphy here

2. The Palm

The second logo is inspired by the palm tree, a symbol of authenticity and generosity for the people of UAE. It’s the most planted tree in the country, and this logo tells the story of strength and persistence in facing challenges. It’s a symbol of belonging, stability and the values of giving.

What it represents:

  • The willpower and ambitions of the leaders and people of UAE
  • The history and national identity as an unconditional giver
  • The country’s values of giving, pride, dynamism and ambitions

Cast your vote for The Palm here

3. 7 Lines

The third logo features seven lines, shaping the UAE map with the colors of the flag. It represents seven leaders, seven emirates and seven beacons, united with lines of clarity, rising ambitions and enthusiasm to build the UAE.

What it represents:

  • The seven leaders of the seven emirates united towards the country’s growth
  • The nation’s continuous development thanks to its ongoing innovation, excellence and aspirations
  • Uniting the people of the seven emirates under the main principles of humanity

Cast your vote for 7 Lines here

So, what are you waiting for?! Visit www.nationbrand.ae and cast your vote now!

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