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When You Vote for the UAE’s New Logo… a Tree Will be Planted!

How do you turn an artistic logo competition into a massive win for the environment? By planting a tree for every vote! The UAE is inviting the public to help decide which logo best represents the nation over the next 50 years… and they’ve come up with a very ‘green’ way to get people involved.

To help inspire participation from people living in the UAE and around the world, the Emirates is aiming to plant millions of trees at home and abroad for every single vote casted during the ongoing competition. You can cast your vote right now at The more people vote… the more trees will be planted around the globe!

Which new Emirates logo is your favorite?

Three logos designed by Emirati artists have been shortlisted in the competition — each unique and anchored by the culture, values and traditions of the UAE. It’s up to you to decide which logo wins! Members of the insydo team each have a favorite logo amongst the trio — here’s what we’ll be voting for…

The first logo:

I’m voting for this logo because… it screams ‘futuristic’! I love the simplicity of the design — seven clean lines in the shape of the UAE — and the way it represents the unity of the seven emirates. This logo is the most modern-looking of the trio, and I can see its longevity in moving the Emirates towards the next 50 years.
Elisar Sasso Saksouk | Deputy Editor | insydo

The second logo:

I’m voting for this logo because… I grew up in the UAE and the palm tree has always been a symbol of home. The Emirates might boast the world’s tallest building and other architectural icons, but this country remains grounded to its humble roots. That’s what I love most about this logo — it reminds me of Bedouin hospitality and where the UAE started from.
Yohaan D’Monte | Creative Director | insydo

The third logo:

I’m voting for this logo because… Arabic calligraphy is an art form that’s appreciated by millions around the world. This logo takes ancient calligraphy and gives it a modern feel. Most importantly, it puts an important spotlight on the visual beauty of the Arabic language — it’s one of those things that needs no translation.
Mohamad Kadry | Lifestyle Editor | insydo 

Which logo best represents the UAE’s remarkable story? That’s up to you to decide. Make sure to vote on… because your vote will plant a tree!

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