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Turning Brunch Leftovers into ‘Gourmet Doggy Bags’

The problem of food waste is all around us — and it’s especially hard to overlook at the many lavish buffets that are a hallmark of the UAE’s dining culture. But one Emirati chef has stepped up with a brilliant plan to ensure your brunch leftovers go where they’re most needed.

The ‘Doggy Bag Initiative’

Chef Jamal Al Breiki is the brainchild behind ‘The Doggy Bag Initiative UAE‘, a program that collects gourmet leftover food from five-star hotels and restaurants to feed stray animals. Hundreds of homeless and injured dogs and cats benefit from these meals every week.

Chef Jamal Al Breiki, founder of ‘The Doggy Bag Initiative UAE’ | Image via Facebook @ChefJGourmet

How it works: A team of volunteers collects leftover food from participating venues. The food is then minced and frozen before being delivered to vets and animal welfare groups. All food collected is vet-approved and checked for harmful ingredients before being distributed.

Via Facebook | @doggybaguae

It’s no surprise that this grassroots movement has taken shape in the UAE, a country with one of the highest per capita food waste footprints in the world. As consumers become more conscientious of the incredible amounts of food that get binned from Friday brunches and other large events, Doggy Bag Initiative is stepping in to help reduce food waste for an important cause.

Feature image credit: Via Facebook @doggybaguae | @straydogscenterUAQ

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