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There Are Therapeutic Horse Riding Lessons For Children With Special Needs

You’ve heard of therapy dogs, but what about therapy horses? A unique program in Dubai offers children and young adults with special needs the chance to interact with these majestic animals. This concept has a wide range of physical and emotional benefits to participants – many of which are the type that can’t be measured.

For the love of horses and a good cause

Image credit: Equestrian Association For People of Determination

The Equestrian Association For People of Determination (EAPD) is a non-profit organization that helps students develop their physical, cognitive and emotional abilities through equine-assisted activities. This volunteer-run program launched in 1998 and has allowed scores of children to experience horse riding for the first time.

The benefits of therapeutic riding

Image credit: Equestrian Association For People of Determination

Through a holistic technique known as therapeutic riding, EAPD has benefited children with a variety of physical and developmental issues, including autism and cerebral palsy.

The lessons offer young riders a multitude of benefits like inspiring self-confidence and improving communication skills. It also aids in things like muscle stimulation, improving posture, strength and flexibility. For children who spend a lot of time in hospitals and physical therapy, being able to enjoy the outdoors in the company of horses is what makes this initiative such a special one.

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