VERDICT: The Most Scent-sational Sephora Buys Right Now!

As Christian Dior once said, “a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” Every woman wants to smell scent-sational, but finding your signature fragrance can sometimes take hours of sifting through testers. We rounded up the ladies in the office and took them down to Sephora to select their top perfume picks for the season. Here’s our verdict on our favourite female fragrances right now…

1. Rock on with ‘Nirvana Black’

Daring, bold and mischievous, our sassy Social Media guru loved ‘Nirvana Black‘ by Elizabeth and James. It’s the perfect balance between masculine musk and feminine freshness making it perfect for the modern-day woman.

The Fragrance: Sandalwood notes mixed with sweet vanilla

You’ll spray and pay:

  • AED 360 for the 50ml
  • AED 465 for the 100ml

2. Turn heads with ‘Narciso Rouge’

One fragrance our adventurous Editor-in-Chief couldn’t stop spritzing was ‘Narciso Rouge‘ by Narciso Rodriguez. Designed for the fierce and daring woman, this is one perfume that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

The Fragrance: A fusion of musky, ambery and woody scents with floral hints

You’ll spray and pay:

  • AED 430 for the 50ml
  • AED 580 for the 90ml

3. Feel fresh with ‘Gucci Bloom’

From the second our bubbly Marketer took a whiff of ‘Gucci Bloom‘, her first words were “holiday vibes“. This popular fragrance is a summer favourite making it a must-have perfume for your next island getaway.

The Fragrance: Fresh notes of tuberose, jasmine and Rangoon Creeper

You’ll spray and pay:

  • AED 415 for the 50ml
  • AED 573 for the 100ml

4. Fall in love with ‘Mon Paris Couture’

Our stylish Lifestyle Editor fell in love with Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Mon Paris Couture‘. Designed for the free-spirited woman, expect to be transported to Paris with just a couple of sprays.

The Fragrance: Datura flowers and rosebuds meets a tangy hint of grapefruit

You’ll spray and pay:

  • AED 500 for the 50ml
  • AED 580 for the 90ml

5. Work it with ‘Good Girl – Velvet Fatale’

One look at the red velvet stiletto-shaped bottle and it was love at first scent for our Deputy diva. Daring, sophisticated and mysterious, a couple of sprays of Carolina Herrera’s ‘Good Girl – Velvet Fatale‘ will give you that red-carpet confidence every woman wants!

The Fragrance: A unique combo of Tuberose, Jasmine Sambac, roasted Tonka beans and Cocoa

You’ll spray and pay: AED 595 for the 80ml

6. Sweeten things up with ‘Because It’s You’

Youthful, feminine and passionate, our chic Fashion editor was obsessing over Emporio Armani’s ‘Because It’s You‘. Made for the young at heart, this summer favourite is guaranteed to bring out your inner passion.

The Fragrance: Sweet vanilla blends paired with musky aromas

You’ll spray and pay:

  • AED 355 for the 50ml
  • AED 485 for the 100ml

Which perfume best suits your character?!

So, now we know which fragrances are female favourites, but what about the guys?! We tested these same Sephora scents among the men in the office… blindfolded! Check out the insydo video to find out which perfume guys like the most.

All six of these perfumes are available from the Sephora UAE and Sephora KSA online stores. Alternatively, if you prefer smelling perfumes before buying them, you can visit any Sephora store across the region.

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