The Weirdly Wonderful Face Masks You Need to Know About!

Whether you’re looking to shrink your pores or add a glow to dull skin, you can’t beat a good face mask for instant results. From bizarre black charcoal to green mud-based masks, Sephora recently sent us pizza boxes filled with face masks and here are our favourite three!

Tighten… with The Charcoal Mask

Ready to go from zero to hero… in 15 minutes?! We tested SEPHORA COLLECTION’s Charcoal Mask – which was actually black – and used it to purify, tighten and smooth out our skin. It’s a great mask to use for making pores less visible and it also works wonders to even out the skin’s texture.

Try it for AED 35: Rock flawless filter skin before snapping that perfect selfie!

Detoxify… with The Mud Mask

Got oily skin? One thing we loved about SEPHORA COLLECTION’s Mud Mask is that removes excess oil without making your skin feel dry. Next time you’re having a night in at home, pop this face mask on, chill for 15 minutes and get ready to peel your way to skin perfection!

Try it for AED 35: Round up your girls and swap ladies night out for a detoxifying ladies night in!

Brighten… with the Pearl Face Mask

If you’re the type that always sleeps late (guilty!), you’ve probably noticed a difference in your skin. We tried and tested SEPHORA COLLECTION’s Pearl Face Mask and watched our skin go from dull to bright in just 15 minutes.

Try it for AED 25: Travelling in the next couple of weeks? This mask will give your jet-lagged skin the ultimate boost!

These face masks are easy to apply, super affordable and great for all types of skin problems. Scroll up to the video to see just how weirdly wonderful they all are!

SEPHORA COLLECTION’s face masks are available from the Sephora UAE and Sephora KSA online stores. Alternatively, you can visit any Sephora store across the region.

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