VLOG: We Put this Long-Lasting Lip Stain to the Test!

Out with the lipstick and in with the lip stain… the days of constantly retouching your lip colour are over! We tried and tested the Metal Cream Lip Stain by Sephora to find out how durable it really is. Claiming to be long-lasting, fade-proof and richly-pigmented, does this Lip Stain really live up to the hype?

The makeup must-have

Long-lasting and super easy to apply, Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain ticks all the boxes on our beauty checklist. In fact, the lip stain is made with avocado oil which makes it incredibly soft and smooth on the lips. There’s also a huge array of shades to choose from, ranging from bold and daring to soft and subtle. Here are five metallic shades we’re obsessing over:

  1. Gold Copper
  2. Bronze Icon
  3. Frosted Rose
  4. Metallic Cherry
  5. Cosmic Purple

For more beauty inspo and fashion tips, here are some before-and-after photos to see how the Metal Cream Lip Stains look on.

Beauty hack: you’ll want to use makeup oil to remove the colour off your lips as it’s a tough one to get off (we learnt the hard way!)

The beauty experiment

We put the Sephora Cream Lip Stain to the test… the test of durability! We carried out a number of different experiments, starting from a simple tissue test to the challenge of crunching an apple. Did it last or did it fade? Let’s find out…

The final verdict

From the variety of shades to the long-wearing result, we can honestly say that we’ll be using this lip stain again. While some of the shades we tested may be slightly too bold for daily wear, we can definitely see ourselves rocking them on a night out (especially if that means less trips to the bathroom for makeup re-touches!)

You can get your hands on Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain online, or visit your nearest Sephora store for all the latest beauty must-haves!

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