QUIZ: How Often Do You Netflix?! Let’s Find Out…

This month we’re all about celebrating the new du/Netflix partnership. When we’re not relating our everyday lives with popular shows, we’re asking ourselves some pretty deep questions. Time to find out just how much of a Netflix nerd you really are…

Have you ever cancelled plans to stay in and watch Netflix?

You just went a week without Netflix... how do you feel?

Ever stay up past 3am because you're hooked on a series?

Would you rather stay home and Netflix or go to a party?

How many Netflix series have you watched this month?

Do you watch alone or with a Netflix buddy?

Do you watch shows with the subtitles?

How long does it take you to watch an entire series?

How do you feel after finishing a series?

Would you ever take a "sick day" to finish a series?

Here’s a great deal for all you Netflix lovers: du has teamed up with Netflix to offer you a 6-month subscription when you sign up to a new Postpaid or Data SIM plan (Terms & Conditions apply). Perfect for catching up on episodes of Stranger ThingsNarcos, La Casa de Papel on Netflix and so much more!