Maison Lutétia Just Opened in Dubai!

Want to truly feel like you’re in Paris without leaving Dubai? The newly-launched Maison Lutétia has brought the best of French beauty secrets to the city, offering everything from skin therapies to hair care and non-invasive body treatments — all under the same roof.

We spent the day at Maison Lutétia’s luxurious new facility in Dubai Festival City to experience a pampering session like no other. From carbon facials to LED skin treatments and new hair styles, we got to enjoy the ultimate makeover session… now we’re officially hooked! Here’s what ladies and gents can expect

Maison Lutétia — a taste of Parisian style in Dubai

From the moment we stepped inside Maison Lutétia, an army of staff were on-hand to ensure our experience was fully bespoke. The venue feels like an opulent five-star hotel, from the gorgeous artwork and decor to the maze-like corridors with stunning floors and ambient lighting — it will give you serious spa vibes in the heart of Dubai Festival City.

Once we arrived, we were offered one-on-one consultations with medical skin and hair experts — and no detail was missed. High-tech 360-degree photography was also arranged… perfect for fun before-and-after shots to share with friends afterwards. This is the kind of place you’ll want to make a day of… not that we mind!

Everything on offer at Maison Lutétia…

Maison Lutétia is a famed Parisian import featuring hair salons for both women and men, ladies-only lounges, along with facilities for procedures like anti-ageing, body contouring, hair implantation, laser hair removal and more. Our experience was one-of-a-kind… and we guarantee yours will be too. Here are a few of the treatments on offer…

Barber shop and hair salon

  • Le Salon: High-end and intimate, they offer female clientele private suites and personal beauty pods to indulge in treatments ranging from blow dries to mani-pedis, hair and brow styling and more. Trust us… the stylists here are chic and on-trend.
  • Le Barbier: Gents can expect to be treated like kings at Le Barbier — whether it’s for a bespoke treatment, hair cut or tailored luxury shave. The facilities are also equipped with smart mirrors for watching movies or listening to music while you’re relaxing in the seat.

Body contouring & slimming

All treatments start with a FITscan anaylsis that creates a 3D avatar of yourself to help you monitor your progress — it’s high-tech and super helpful. Here’s what’s on offer…

  • Medical Cryolipolysis: A non-invasive treatment that freezes your fat.
  • MetaBooster: A great way to help boost your body metabolism and reduce visceral fat.
  • Oranger Peel Laser: It uses LED infrared technology and suction massage to help reduce cellulite.
  • Body Curve: Non-contact radio frequency for skin tightening.

Face & hair aesthetics

  • Hair restoration: Maison Lutétia is a leading expert in hair restoration treatments, including Plateletherapy and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation.) Artisan doctors ensure that each client undergoes a customised hair restoration programme from start to finish — no incisions, scars or pain.
  • Phototherapy: Blue light is for acne/anti-inflammatory; red light for anti-ageing/rejuvenation; orange-yellow for alopecia/hair loss.
  • Plateletherapy: Maison Lutétia’s signature protocol combines three treatments: Platelet-Rich Plasma (or PRP,) Microneedling, and Medical LED. Injected into the scalp it promotes hair health and density. Injected into the skin, it stimulates cell regeneration and improves texture.
  • Wrinkle Relaxer: Using a cutting-edge device that allows a more accurate dosage, they offer pain-free results that are natural looking for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. You can also treat excessive sweating and bruxism (jaw grinding) using Botulinum Toxin.
  • MesoLED Therapy: Restructure and rejuvenate hair and skin with this combination of nutrient micro-injections and LED therapy to enhance results.
  • Skin boosters: An anti-aging treatment that helps rejuvenate and smoothen your skin.
  • Dermal Fillers: These dermal fillers help restore volume to highlight the natural characteristics of your face.
  • Medical Peels: Get your skin to glow and improve its tone and texture by targeting a range of skin conditions like acne and dark spots.
  • Laser Hair Removal: Get rid of unwanted hair and ensure it doesn’t return with the ultra high-tech laser hair removal treatments on offer.
  • Laser Hair Bleaching: Lighten unwanted hair that can’t be removed with the laser.

No matter what treatment you’re looking for, Maison Lutétia is all about giving you a bespoke experience. Check them out now at Dubai Festival City or get in touch at +971 4 706 4000.

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