Pain Perdu from Couqley Dubai

Dessert Lover? Wait ‘Til You See What This French Bistro is Serving Up!

Calling all dessert fanatics: it’s time we introduced you to the legendary Pain Perdu at Couqley Dubai, a cosy French bistro in Jumeirah Lake Towers. You may know it as French toast or eggy bread, but trust us – this gourmet creation is on another level.

Fall into a dessert daze

If there were such a thing as the perfect dessert, the Pain Perdu at Couqley Dubai would be a top contender (it’s that good!) Made with fresh brioche soaked in milk and egg, it’s pan-seared to crispy perfection and covered with a layer of crunchy caramelised sugar. Topped off with vanilla ice cream and creamy caramel, it’s the ultimate comfort food.

A French foodie escapeCouqley Dubai

Couqley Dubai doesn’t hold back with its gourmet menu that’s packed with French specialties and popular favourites. Designed by famed chef Alexis Couquelet, it’s like dining in the golden age of Paris. If you’re looking for an elegant foodie escape and affordable luxury, this cosy bistro loves to turn up the culinary magic.

Couqley Dubai is located at the Mövenpick Hotel in Jumeirah Lake Towers. For enquiries regarding reservations and bookings, get in touch with the restaurant on: +971 4 514 9339

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