Steak Frites at Couqley Dubai

Restaurants in Dubai that Serve Traditional Steak Frites

Steak Frites – in other words ‘steak and fries’ – is a popular dish throughout Europe, especially in Belgium and France. If you love a good steak and French fries, then this dish was made for you! As massive fans ourselves, we decided to find five restaurants in Dubai that serve authentic Steak Frites…

1. Couqley Dubai

Steak Frites at Couqley Dubai
Via Instagram | @couqleyuae

A cozy Parisian bistro in JLT, Couqley is a popular French restaurant in Dubai that serves a killer Steak Frites. From its rustic interiors to its simple approach to cooking, the eatery takes inspiration from the golden age of Paris with a distinctive vintage vibe.

Location: JLT

2. Maison Mathis

Steak Frites at Maison Mathis Dubai
Via Instagram | @MaisonMathis

Serving up traditional European cuisine in a rustic setting, Maison Mathis is an elegant restaurant with floor-to-ceiling French windows and marble tables. The perfect place for a casual meal, head down for traditional Steak Frites with a healthy twist.

Location: Multiple branches

3. Bertin Bistro

Steak Frites at Bertin Bistro Dubai
Via Instagram | @bertinbistro

Based on the life and travels of a certain fictitious Mr. Bertin, Bertin Bistro serves up delicious food from the Alsace region of France. From breakfast classics to traditional Steak Frites, this authentic eatery is all about helping you indulge in all your foodie favourites.

Location: Al Manara

4. The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill

Steak Frites at The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill Dubai
Via The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill

A super chilled seaside brasserie in JBR, The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill serves up comfort food classics, from Clam Chowder to Steak Frites. Reminiscent of a modern-day speakeasy, this foodie hotspot is the perfect spot for a laid-back date night or group dinner with friends.

Location: JBR

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