Cloud-Seeding May Help Bring More Rains to UAE this Month

There’s a chance that more wet and wild weather is on the horizon, thanks in part to cloud-seeding efforts taking place across the country from Al Ain to Dubai to RAK.

Cloud seeding in UAE to trigger more rainfall

What is cloud-seeding? Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification that’s currently being tested by the National Centre of Meteorology in UAE. Seeding planes disperse salt flares into clouds – often during unstable weather – to help trigger more rainfall.

Credit: National Centre of Meteorology

As one of the world’s driest places, the UAE has been investing heavily in cloud-seeding to varying degrees of success. Authorities have confirmed that cloud-seeding missions will continue throughout January, with the possibility of more heavy winds and showers.

The Mercury will be dropping this week with scattered showers expected to continue until Wednesday evening. We suggest keeping an umbrella handy and bundling up!

Image credit via IG | @level43dubai

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