RTA is Giving Away AED 150,000 to Public Transport Riders in Dubai

Your next trip using Dubai public transport could land you some pretty awesome prizes, as the RTA marks Public Transport Day with giveaways worth AED 150,000. Here are the details

Competitions and prizes on Dubai Public Transport Day

In a bid to encourage more people to use the city’s mass transit system in the lead-up to Public Transport Day on November 1, the RTA is giving five riders prizes worth AED 100,000; another AED 50,000 will be up for grabs to RTA employees using public transport.

From October 22 to November 1, riders will earn triple the loyalty points on NOL Plus, which will boost chances of winning cash prizes and rewards. There will also be a Guinness World Record attempt on Public Transport Day to gather the “largest possible number of multinational riders” at Etisalat Metro Station.

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