UAE Tourist Visa Can Now be Extended by Up to 60 Days

The days of going on so-called ‘visa runs’ are officially a thing of the past. This is the latest breakthrough following an government announcement that will make extending your Dubai tourist visa much easier to do. Here are the details

Your Dubai tourist visa can now be extended without exiting UAE

Anyone who has entered on a 1-month UAE tourist visa or 3-month visit visa can now extend their stay by up to 60 days. This can be done by applying for two consecutive 30-day visa extensions — removing the hassle of exiting and reentering the country.

After the visa expiry, individuals must leave the country or face fines. The cost to extend your stay will be AED 600 for each 30-day extension. The new system, announced by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, will be a major relief for jobseekers entering the UAE in search of employment, along with visitors who choose to live here on extended stays.

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