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Netflix Prices Are Going Up in America… is the UAE Next?

Say it ain’t so, Netflix! The world’s most popular streaming service just announced that it’s raising subscription prices for the first time since 2014.

The price change will only effect Netflix subscribers in the US, but the move could signal further price hikes for customers around the world. (All those new series aren’t going to pay for themselves!)

Will Netflix UAE prices go up?

Subscribers in the US paying for the standard $9.99 (AED 37) service will be now charged $10.99 (AED 40); premium tier pricing will rise from $11.99 to $13.99 (AED 52). The price changes go into effect in November.

Netflix UAE subscribers currently pay AED 3o per month to access the streaming service’s catalogue of films and TV series. But because of international licensing agreements, UAE customers only get around 30% of the Netflix US library.

More original series on the way

For now, Netflix subscribers across the globe don’t seem to be too bothered by the incremental price hike. After all, Netflix has grown rapidly in recent years to produce loads of original programmes like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black and Narcos.

As more series come online, Netflix will look for ways to keep its monster streaming machine growing. There’s no word yet on whether prices for UAE customers will increase, but given the changing landscape of Internet streaming… it’s probably just a matter of time.

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