new speed limit in dubai

Speed Limit Lowered To 110 kph On 2 Major Roads in Dubai

A recent decision has been made to lower the speed limit from 120 kph to 110 kph on 2 major roads in Dubai. The decision was made by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the General HQ of Dubai Police in order to reduce traffic accidents caused by speeding.

A recent study showed that not less than 60% of traffic road fatalities are caused by or associated with speed. The CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA, stated that the current capacity of the 2 roads is around 12,000 vehicles per hour, per direction.

Which roads are being affected?

  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road
  • Emirates Road

What’s the new speed limit?

  • 110 kph

When will this take effect?

  • 15th October, 2017