Afro-Fit Dance with Gbemi Giwa

Ever heard of Afro Fit? It’s a term coined by @DubaiFitFoodie (real name Gbemi Giwa) – Dubai’s very own fitness blogger with the coolest dance moves in town! Part dance, part workout, Afro Fit mixes together two of Gbemi’s favourite things – Afrobeats and fitness!

After spotting @DubaiFitFoodie on our Instagram feed (and falling in love her awesome dance moves), we met up with Gbemi to try out her Afro Fit workout, and (hopefully) learn how to dance too!

Meet Gbemi Giwa: Gbemi is a food and fitness blogger in Dubai who just loves to dance. And she’s a natural – as soon as the beat drops, her body knows exactly what to do. After trying out a few dance classes in Dubai, she decided to start something a little different, and that’s when Afro Fit classes hit the city. “AfroFit is a combination of African dance and HIIT movements, so you really get the fun of working out mixed with the intensity – you’re sweating, you’re dancing, you’re screaming (in a good way).”

Tips from Gbemi:

We asked her to share some advice:

  • You can dance! Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t!
  • It’s a fun class, you’ll completely forget you’re working out
  • Don’t focus too much on technique, just move how your body wants to
  • You can burn 600 calories on average in one class

Is it something that beginners can learn? Absolutely! There are quite a few popular Afrobeat moves like Shoki and Gwara Gwara (which we just did!), that are easy to pick up, and you bring your own flavour to each one.

insydo verdict: “Although the warm up consisted of burpees and squats, Afro Fit is so much fun, you don’t even realise you’re working out. Gbemi breaks all the moves down step by step so they’re easy to learn, even for complete beginners! We’re totally going to show off our new moves at the club this weekend!”

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