We 'Hung' Out For the Day with This Calisthenics Pro

You’ve no doubt seen calisthenics on your Insta feed — and that’s because the moves involved are often jaw-dropping and designed to impress. But how difficult is it for beginners to get the hang of things… literally?!

We headed to the outdoor fitness gym at Zero Gravity to find out from one of the sport’s champion athletes @justinshape

Meet calisthenics trainer Justin Garcia

Stretch, stretch, stretch… that’s the most important thing that calisthenics athlete Justin Garcia wants to drill in your head. Having amassed a huge fan following thanks to some pretty sick tricks he’s mastered over the years, Garcia now spends his days teaching students at Gravity Calisthenics Gym in Dubai.

Watching Garcia in action, it’s clear that his advanced abilities have required countless hours of training. But the California native has one simple motto for anyone interested in learning the ropes: NEVER SAY CAN’T!

So what’s calisthenics all about?

Calisthenics is a street-style workout that focuses on bodyweight training. With minimal equipment required (all you might need is a pull-up bar), think of it as another form of gymnastics that requires focus… and plenty of practice.

What are common exercises I can try as a beginner?

Squats, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, planks, leg raises and burpees. Learn to control your movements and develop strength before attempting more advanced tricks like a superman push-up or human flag, which is the most visually impressive bodyweight feat of strength you can do.

insydo verdict: Calisthenics is a return to your childhood days of handstands and monkeying around on the jungle gym. If you want to mix things up from your traditional gym routine, this street workout is surprisingly fun and addictive.

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