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7 Insanely Fun Indoor Games in Dubai to Play this Month

If you like challenging your friends or family to fun games, you are totally going to love this! From quirky mazes that will drive you nuts to an adrenaline-fuelled obstacle course at Bounce Dubai, here are 7 super fun real-life indoor games in Dubai that kids of all ages will love!

1. Jumble Dubai

Indoor games in Dubai - Jumble Dubai crystal maze
Via Jumble

The newest addition to Dubai’s gaming scene, Jumble Dubai is a super fun indoor game that puts all your skills to the test. Similar to the 90s British TV show Crystal Maze, each team needs to solve a group of fun challenges in order to progress to the next level. From riddles to mind games to physical challenges, it isn’t easy but trust us, it’s sooooo much fun!

Price: AED 155 for 2 hours, AED 199 for 4 hours
Where: Jumble Dubai, in Al Barsha

2. Glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf

Indoor games in Dubai - Tee & Putt glow in the dark miini golf at Wafi Mall
Via Instagram | @minigolfdubai

Fancy challenging your friends to a super fun game of mini golf, in the dark?! The miniature golf course at Tee & Putt is not only glow-in-the-dark, but space themed as well. There are loads of funky obstacles in the game, so you can expect your golf ball to fly through mini tunnels or jump over mini hills.

Price: AED 50 per person, AED 45 for kids (under 3.7 feet)
Where: Tee & Putt, at Wafi Mall

3. Archery Tag

Indoor games in Dubai - Archery Tag at Flip Out Dubai
Via Facebook | @FlipOutDubai

Unleash your inner Kat Everdeen (or Green Arrow for the DC Comics fans) and sign up for a game of Archery Tag at Flip Out Dubai! What exactly is Archery Tag? It’s basically a mix of archery and dodge ball, where you use a bow and arrow to tag people out. The arrows are tipped with foam, so don’t worry about getting hurt.

Price: AED 80 for 1 hour
Where: Flip Out Dubai, in Al Quoz

4. Snookball (Snooker Football)


Calling all snooker and football fans! Ever tried playing a game of snookball? A fun mix of snooker and football, you have to use your feet instead of cue sticks in this life-sized game. On top of snookball, Kickoff Dxb also has human foosball (yes, seriously!) and life-sized snakes and ladders!

Price: AED 60 for 30 mins of Snookball
Where: Kickoff Dxb, Oud Mehta

5. Laser Tag at Dubai Autodrome

indoor games in dubai laser tag dubai autodrome
Via Dubai Autodrome

You’ll need a big group of people for this one. Split up into two teams and unleash your inner warriors as you try defeat the other team with your laser guns! Get ready to duck, run, crawl, and jump all around the ‘battle field’. Most importantly, don’t forget to watch your back!

Price: AED 69 per person
Where: Dubai Autodrome (Indoor Arena)

6. X-Park at Bounce Dubai

Indoor games in Dubai - X-Park at Bounce Dubai
Via Bounce

Need an adrenaline rush? The X-Park challenge at Bounce Dubai is a Ninja warrior obstacle course that will have you jumping, running, hanging, sliding, and climbing through all of the crazy obstacles. On top of being a super fun indoor game in Dubai, getting through the X-Park course is also a great full-body workout!

Price: AED 105 (includes access to all trampoline areas)
Where: Bounce Dubai, in Al Quoz

7. Escape Games

Indoor games in Dubai - Escape Game at Phobia Dubai

Dubai is packed with awesome escape games, with new ones releasing every month! For those who have never tried one, and escape room is a game where you and your friends are locked in a room for 60 minutes, with clues and hints to help you escape! It’s super fun, thrilling and requires a lot of team work! Up for the challenge? Here are 5 really cool escape games in Dubai to try out!

Price: Approximately AED 100 per person
Where: Multiple locations – Hint Hunt Dubai, Phobia Dubai, Escape Reality, No Way Out Dubai, Brain Game and more!

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