The Latest Escape Games in Dubai Right Now

You’re locked up in a room with your friends, with only 60 minutes to get out… But in order to escape, you’ll need to find clues, solve puzzles, connect the dots, and solve the mystery. Up for the challenge? Here are some new escape games to try in Dubai right now.

The Ring – No Way Out

Via Facebook | @nowayoutdubai

Based on the supernatural horror film The Ring, this escape room is equally as terrifying as the film. Trust us, there will be a lot of screaming involved. This is the only escape room in Dubai with live actors, so bring a friend along who’s easily scared for jokes! Good luck…

Price: From AED 170 per person on weekdays, from AED 180 on weekends
Where: No Way Out, JLT Cluster M

Harry Potter – Phobia

Via Facebook | @PhobiaDubai

Potter fans, you are going to love this. Memorise your spells because Phobia Dubai recently launched a new escape game called Wizard School, a Harry Potter-inspired room! Keep your wand with you at all times, you may need it to escape! Another brand new addition to Phobia Dubai is Dark Room.. Try it if you dare…

Price: From AED 100 per person
Where: Phobia, JLT Cluster X

Iron Fist – Escape Reality

Whether or not you watch Game of Thrones, you are going to love this! Inspired from the popular TV show, this room has a lot of hands-on puzzles, as you try to find out who is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Other great rooms to try are Jungala and Nosferatu!

Price: From AED 100 per person on weekdays, from AED 120 on weekends
Where: Escape Reality, on Sheikh Zayed Road (near FGB Metro Station)

Merry Mystery – HintHunt

In celebration of the festive season, Hint Hunt invites you to try out its new Merry Mystery escape game! Unlike the rest, you will have only 30 mins to help Santa find something that was stolen from him. If you’re up for something more challenging, try the Submarine rooms!

Price: From AED 110 per person on weekdays, from AED 130 on weekends
Where: HintHunt, at Times Square Centre

Most Wanted – Escape Quest

Escape games in Dubai: Escape Quest
Via Facebook | @escapequestdubai

You and your team are a group of bounty hunters in this game, and your mission is to escape with as much gold as possible. But you have 60 mins to make it out before the sheriff returns or you’ll be locked up in jail! If you love it and want to go back, The Lab of Dr. Zol is a really fun escape game!

Price: From AED 120 per person
Where: Escape Quest, JLT Cluster M

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