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5 New (And Super Cool) Things To Do in Dubai Mall

Hanging out at Dubai Mall this summer? Luckily for us, this mall can never get boring! Mainly because there’s always new events, installations and attractions popping up. From the new floating platform at the Dubai Fountain to sleeping pods in the middle of the mall, here are 5 super cool things to do in Dubai Mall..

1. Floating boardwalk at Dubai Fountain

things to do in dubai mall - dubai fountain boardwalk
Via Instagram | @randolphrelator

Want to get the best view of the Dubai Fountain? The new Dubai Fountain Boardwalk puts you right in the centre of all the action! In fact, it lets you get so close to the Dubai Fountain show that you may even get wet! It’s a great way to enjoy uninterrupted views of the fountains (and without little kids running about).

Price: AED 20 per person (deals currently available on Groupon)

2. Pret A Manger

Via Instagram | @hk_alkhalifa

Yup, we almost cried out of excitement when we heard Pret A Manger finally opened a branch in Dubai Mall! This restaurant/cafe serves incredibly delicious baguettes, toasties, soups, salads and of course, coffee! You can find it on the lower ground level, right by the Dubai Fountain.

3. VR Park

things to do in dubai mall VR park dubai virtual reality
Via Instagram | @casabella_property

Remember the VR Zoo that opened at the Dubai Aquarium a few years ago? Well, the Dubai Mall has opened up a double storey VR Park too! This virtual reality and augmented reality experience blurs the lines between perception and reality through rides, games and an insane rollercoaster!

Price: From AED 100

4. Sleep Pod Lounge

Exhausted from walking your way around the world’s largest mall? We know the feeling. Luckily for all the shopaholics, or friends of shopaholics who have been forced to go to the mall, you can now take a quick nap whenever you please. All you need to do is head to P2 Grand Parking area, find an empty Sleep Pod Lounge chair and relaxxx

Price: AED 40 for 1 hour

5. Big balloon sculpture

things to do in dubai mall - balloon installation

We still don’t even know what it’s meant to be, but this massive balloon installation (called Skyward) is so weird you definitely need to see it. Spanning over 3 floors of the Dubai Mall, this rotating sculpture is made up of 20,000 balloons and is about 18 metres tall. The installation is slowly deflating day by day, so hurry before it’s too late!

Cover image credit: @sliceofdubai

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